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Ningbo Bearing Industry Encountered Anti Dumping Investigation From Ukraine

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:21:54
The Ningbo bearing industry who has won in two anti-dumping lawsuits recently encountered another trade barrier: the related departments in Ukraine have started the anti-pumping investigation on the original Chinese ball bearings. The principal of HCH Bearing Group (China Huanchi Bearing Group Co., Ltd) which was involved in suggested that the group will actively answer the lawsuit. It is reported that the Cross-Department International Trade Committee in Ukraine decided recently to originate the anti-dumping investigation on the imported ball bearings from China and other countries. The subject of the investigation is all the ball bearings that are originally produced in China. The time for the bearing enterprises to answer the lawsuit is 30 days. It is said that at present Two thirds of the imported bearings in Ukraine are originally from China, in which most are manufactured in Ningbo. Last year China has exported ball bearings which valued $ 3.54 million to Ukraine, in which one fifths were from Ningbo. According the related person, the previous bearings in Ukraine market were mainly supplied by Russian enterprises. But in recent years, as the continuous expansion of new market, the Chinese bearings with high value have won in the competition with Russian bearings and the market share is increasingly growing. It is understood that the bearings which were exported to Ukraine from Ningbo are all ball bearings and the export enterprises are main distributed in Cixi. Several days ago, HCH Group has received the anti-dumping questionnaire from Ukraine. The principal of HCH Group said that the HCH bearings are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, in which the main market is Europe, Japan and India, etc. The anti-dumping investigation this time influences the export a little. But as Ukraine is a new export market with good potential, the Group will invite lawyers and answer the lawsuit. The first aim is to obtain the recognition from Ukraine to the economic position of the company. It is learned that this is the third international lawsuit which has great impact for the Ningbo Bearing Industry after the bearing anti-dumping investigations of the USA and India.