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New Technological Breakthrough Of Si3n4 Ceramic Bearings Inner Diameter Only 2mm

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:42:21
Miniature bearings refer to the bearings whose outer diameter is less than 26mm, among miniature bearings the bearings whose outer diameter is 2mm and below are widely used. But because the equipments and the assembly difficulty many factories can't produce. As a professional bearing manufacturer, we have always been looking for this technology breakthrough. By a chance, I met a Fujian customer specializing in the production of motor. This customer is a member unit of China Machinery Association and listed production unit of military motor products, they mainly produce high precision motors and motor has accumulated more than 20 years rich experience in research, development and manufacturing. At the same time they also have cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutions and universities and has made significant contribution to the aerospace, oil exploration and robot area many times. The customer needs to do a bearing with size 2.5*6.2.6mm and without cover, this bearing will be used in high speed micro motor. Specific requirements are as follow: 1. Need resistant high temperature of 800 degrees. 2. Achieve the speed of 50000 revolutions. 3. Life must be more than 180 days. 4. The noise should be lower than 30 decibel. Remarks: The customer has used the imported bearings of a foreign well-known brand. But less than one month the internal bearing cage is serious deformation, other no deformation of the bearing has abnormal sound. According to the requirements of customers, my advice to the customer as follows: First, from the first requirements of the bearing, I suggest our customer to use silicon nitride ceramic bearings. Secondly, from the size it is 682xzz bearing, but the customer need to make it open without cover. It will have difficulty to make the bearing of steel or stainless steel, but there is no difficulty if we make the bearing of ceramic, because ceramic bearing manufactured sintering method of blank so it is ok for this size to produce bearings without covers. Finally, because the bearing's diameter is 2.5mm, is very difficult to produce this kind of ceramic bearing, and is more difficult to produce this kind of bearing in Si3N4 material. Just the bearing ring will be scraped a lot if there is any mistake, in addition it is difficult to assemble this bearing, our workers need the supports of magnifying to assemble this bearing. Through the unremitting efforts of our technology personnel and workers, the samples of inner diameter 2.5mm bearing come out finally. Our customer says the test result of the samples if very good, and requires mass production. I tell our production process to customer, is not easy, the customer sighs. The customer is admired by our tackle tough spirit. A month later the customer places an order again, and introduces another peer client to us.