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New Range Of Greases Set For 2009 Launch

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:35:11
Friction management company Timken South Africa will officially launch its range of greases for specific applications to the South African market this year, says MD Danie Coetser. In 2009, Timken will host a product launch, where grease products for specific areas will be officially launched in South Africa, says Coetser. He says it is a misconception that Timken only supplies bearings. The company also offers greases for specific applications, as it is important to have the right lubrication using the correct greases for bearings applications. Coetser says that the companys lubrication solutions can be applied to electric motors, large Caterpillar trucks, mills and ball bearings with pillar blocks. The greases were first launched in India and sold in large quantities. The products were then made available in the US, Europe and Canada. Coetser says that Timken currently sells about $5,6-billion worth of products a year globally. The companys related product division has grown from nothing to contribute about $100-million to Timkens global sales. Timken is also supplying other products, including tools, related products and additional lubricants. He says that in 2009 Timken will be able to offer a range of products related to bearings solutions. Development Timken has not always supplied oils and lubricants. Coetser explains that until a few years ago, the company was developing and researching greases to use as sealants for its bearing production process in an effort to find the best grease for the different applications. The company then decided to use the research and the products that are already available to develop lubrication products to add to the Timken portfolio. Timken is offering the additional lubrication service, because, in many cases, it is not just the bearing, but rather the greases that make products last longer, says Coetser. He explains that Timken does not manufacture the lubricants. Instead, it supplies existing chemical mixtures, which it tweaks for the specific application to achieve the best temperatures on its bearings. He says the lower the temperature of the bearing, the longer the bearing lasts, meaning that friction must be kept to a minimum. The idea is to obtain the right molecule mixture on the greases with these thick oils to then formulate the recipe for Timken. The company places the Timken brand name on the product and sells it, says Coetser. He comments that designing lubricants to reduce bearing temperatures is a specific niche market that Timken wants to make part of its portfolio. Timken offers a lubrication product that is specifically developed to expel water. A benefit of choosing a Timken lubrication product is that it has been through the companys development process and has been extensively tested. Distribution Coetser explains that Timken wants to focus on supplying specific markets. The company is concentra- ting on supplying its greases to mills, as the products have been proven overseas. The grease range launch in South Africa will concentrate on products related to mills and mining. Coetser says that Timken works through a distribution network and a challenge is to choose new channels in the market or to convince its current distribution market to distribute the new products. He explains that to overcome this challenge, the companys approach is to convince the end-user that the product is good and, thereby, encouraging end-users to request the product from distributors. Continuing Opportunities Coetser comments that the company will be affected by the current international financial crisis, as it will affect the buying power of customers. He says Timken will look beyond the current financial crisis and will continue launching products and expanding. He says the financial crisis could lead to opportunities to expand its portfolio, as improved valuations of other companies will create opportunities to work on acquititions or partnerships. The company holds the sole distribution right in Southern Africa to sell products under the Permatex brand. Coetser says that these lubricants add to the Timken range of greases.