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New Internal Bearing Puller From Skf

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:41:52
SKF Maintenance Products, part of the multi-national SKF group, introduces a new, patent pending, SKF Internal bearing puller kit, the TMIP series. With more than 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and global distribution of pullers for bearing applications, SKF Maintenance Products offers a wide range of bearing pullers each specially designed for specific applications. The latest addition to the range is the new SKF Internal bearing puller kits, TMIP series, specifically designed for dismounting bearings from housings where the fit is on the outer ring. The patent pending, SKF designed TMIP puller kits, offer fast and easy bearing dismounting with an ergonomic sliding hammer and a selection of spring-operated extractors. The extractors are designed according to bearing bore diameters. After selecting the appropriate extractor and threading it onto the sliding hammer, the extractor is inserted through an opening in the inner ring and is fixated with a secure grip, behind the inner ring. Sliding the weight of the hammer towards the handle generates high impact puller force and the bearing is rapidly and safely dismounted. SKF TMIP pullers are manufactured from high strength chrome coated engineering steel, to provide optimum strength, corrosion protection and durability. The range includes two kits, SKF TMIP 7-28 for dismounting bearings with bore diameters from 7 to 28 mm (0,28 to 1,1 in) and SKF TMIP 30-60 for bearings with bore diameters between 30 and 60 mm (1,2 to 2,4 in). Each kit is supplied in a carry case complete with sliding hammer, appropriate extractors and easy to follow instructions.