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New Igubalc Rod End Bearing With Insert

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:43:16
The igubal plastic rod end bearings manufactured by igus GmbH, Cologne. run dry and therefore maintenance-free. The lightweight and high-tensile components are corrosion-free and chemical resistant, insensitive to dirt, dust and fluff. Above all they compensate misalignment and edge loading. The company has developed a new alternative for the dimensional series E, the igubal rod end bearing EBRM-16 V with a metal insert. This insert, a sheet steel stamped part, allows 50 % more tensile load compared to the pure plastic version. With this option, the igubal rod ends are getting closer to steel parts in terms of load capacity, while still maintaining the igubal characteristics of being cheaper and maintenance-free according to the information from igus, Cologne. The new rod end bearing with metal reinforcement now allows an increase of the maximum tensile load from 10.000 up to 15.000 N. This corresponds C as an illustration - to the average weight of two small cars or two cows for example. There are many fields of application, where stainless steel are currently being used and higher loads are demanded. For example, for rods and barriers used outside, particularly in solar systems and facades, pneumatic cylinders, drive mechanisms and generally in mechanical engineering.