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The Important Hero of Mo torcycle Flying the Roadis Needle Roller Bearings

Release time : 2017-08-15 02:00:44
Now the rapid development and upgrading of China's motorcycle industry, with it to match the needs of motorcycles needle roller bearings more and more. And because the motorcycle itself is also a high degree of movement of an object, this feature also determines the motorcycle's bearings with high speed, high temperature and can have a very good lubrication performance to ensure that the rapid operation of the time to smooth operation , And in these bearings is the most important in the cylinder as a connecting rod bearing needle roller bearings. Needle roller bearings in the structure of the motorcycle, plays a vital role, so its requirements are very high. Must have a very high structural strength and good abrasion resistance. So its cage uses a special design, the surface also carried out some special treatment. Because of this, so the bearing manufacturer's technical requirements above is also very high. So now the production of such a large number of bearings can guarantee bearing performance and quality, the problem that a motorcycle bearing manufacturers needs to solve is the bearing life. The length of the needle is directly matched to the size of the connecting rod hole and the pin, and its length should be the same as the length of the connecting rod hole, so that it can withstand the maximum load as much as possible. In order to be able to ensure the performance and life of the components, should use high-precision convex needle, the material with high quality vacuum material. Whether it is for piston bearings or crank pin bearings, the original radial clearance is a very important parameter. In order to be able to effectively avoid the tilt of the connecting rod, must use a relatively small radial clearance. For the crank pin bearing, the requirements of its radial clearance depends on the speed of the crankshaft parts, rigidity and accuracy, rooted in the information provided by foreign companies, the radial clearance should not exceed 0.012mm, so should choose the appropriate Of the matching shaft, the hole and the type of needle.