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Miniature Bearing 20160809

Release time : 2016-08-09 14:55:40

Miniature bearings refers to the inner diameter of ranging from 1mm to 12mm bearings, they are not only applied to the cleaner 、soymilk and other household appliances, in the high-end smart UAV They can also show their talents fighting the sky. Then we look at how the miniature bearing    to develop from small household appliances to the field of development of the UAV.

UAV originated in World War I, from the military field, meteorological monitoring to civilian areas, where is a sky where is their shadow. With the increasing demand for UAVs, many manufacturers also have mushroomed. I have a client in Guangdong is a professional production of UAV manufacturer. They need MR117ZZ, 683ZZ, MR84ZZ these three miniature bearings for UAVs above head.

It refers to a part of the head above the drone, which is the platform connected with the body and camera apparatus. As shown below: