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Application Examples of Micro-Bearings for Auto mobile Window Lifter Motors

Release time : 2017-04-21 02:08:38
With the rise and development of China's auto industry, the automotive industry's growing demand for bearings. Automotive miniature bearings is also a division of our production. Customers of automotive miniature bearings require high, they mainly require long bearing life, low noise, small axial clearance. Our production of automotive miniature bearings with 686 626 R6ZZ, etc., mainly divided into the British series and metric series of two categories, to meet the different domestic and foreign automotive models of quality requirements. Car window lift motor bearings, requiring the bearing to reach the service life of more than 5 years, the noise level for the Z3 group that 30 dB, so that customers can feel comfortable in the car. Car window lift motor bearings require radial and axial clearance is small, rotating and flexible. Although the state of the deep groove ball bearings axial clearance there is no standard specification. But relatively speaking, the bearing radial clearance of the smaller axial clearance is also smaller. Therefore, for this type of bearing we use C0 clearance is the smallest range of the range, so that the bearings produced after the radial and axial swing is very small. This type of bearing mainly uses liquid instrument oil as a lubricant, why not use solid oil as a lubricant, because these bearings often require a flexible rotation, while the solid grease viscosity is high, so the relative use of liquid instrument oil This kind of bearing speed is lower.