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Medical Equipment Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:55:21
The characteristics of medical equipment bearings are better corrosion resistance,friction resistance, security and long using cycle etc. Those inside diametersize usually 2-15 mm metric, inch. The model have S694ZZ, S623ZZ, S682ZZ, S684ZZ, SMR106ZZ, 6900-2RS, 6200-SRS etc, made by 440 c material or hybrid ceramic bearing material mainly used for medical respirator, minimally invasive medical equipment, ultrapure water equipment, medical imaging equipment, physiotherapy analysis equipment etc . we usually use pollution-free grease or oil free drying process, keep the equipment clean, safety and reliability. In the key parts of the medical equipment, we do the special treatment onthe bearings made it can completely meet the requirements and assemblies. Consideringthe comfort of the operator and the patient, the noise control is veryimportant. Our noise control of bearing has high requirements, do allinspection, imaging techniques and patients achieve precise positioning canreach the silent operation. Thehigh precision, high quality, high performance precision bearings are theessential qualities of the medical industry. With the research and developmentinput, Lily has gradually become the high-end medical equipment supplier, and hasfurther cooperation with some famous medical equipment manufacturers.