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Lyc Was Identified As Henan 2009 Hi Tech Enterprises

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:43:04
The identifying work of the first group of 2009 Hi-Tech Enterprises in Henan was finished recently, which was organized by Henan Provincial Science& Technology Commission, Provincial Financial Administration, Provincial Taxation Administration and Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. Finally, 50 enterprises were identified as the first group of Hi-Tech Enterprises in 2009 in Henan and LYC was one of them. According to the national preferential taxation policy to the Hi-Tech enterprises, the enterprise income tax of LYC will be charged at the rate of 15%. Since the company was established, LYC has insisted on taking technological innovation as the most crucial work to boost the continuous development, stressed the work of cultivating key technology, improved the company???s independent capacity of innovation, facilitated the industrialization and series of the new products, and constructed the predominant products group. In recent years, the company has developed the products to high-tech, high precision, specialty and novelty through continuous adjusting the product structure and kept developing the new material, new structure, new concept, new usage and bearings in new field, and obtained obvious achievement, which improved the key competition of the company. The identification of Hi-Tech enterprise this time is the best witness of the technological innovation capacity of the company.