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Lily Teach You How To Distinguish True And False Nsk Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:43:17
When customers purchase NSK bearing, the most concern is about the product quality. They worry about spending a lot of money but don't purchase real NSK bearing. To reduce the chance of people being cheated and economic loss, Shanghai Lily specially provides some methods of distinguishing true and false NSK bearing. I hope it can help you purchase real NSK products. Firstly, the most secure way is to purchase the goods from NSK licensors. Furthermore, you should make it clear that your suppliers are agents or authorized dealers or common dealers (traders).Generally speaking, we can identify true or false through outer packing and theend tag. We can also distinguish from sound, surface oil, chamfer, weight and price. Appearance. If you're very familiar with bearing, then it is unnecessary to doubt about it. Under normal circumstance,quality goods have their own professional designers designing externalpackaging and arrange production with the conditions of the factory production,so the packaging is very clear from the lines to the colors. Some manufacturers Color. The appearance color of NSK imported bearing can fully reflect the material of NSK imported bearing products. Some manufacturers use low quality steel material to act as good quality products. The material of low quality products has a clear difference with NSK imported chrome steel. Font's clarity degree. There are such fonts as brand and mark printed on bearings, but the fonts are very small. Quality products mostly use steel stamping technology and the fonts are made before heat processing. Although the fonts are small, they clearly display. However,the fonts of counterfeit products are not clear. Due to rough printing technology, the fonts float on the surface, in some cases the fonts can be easily erased by hand. Sound. Holding the bearing body, stir the outer ring to make it spin and listen to whether it has hybrid ring. Due to backward production condition of counterfeit products, the impurities are mixed in the bearing. When bearings rotate, they will give out noise. Muddy oil on the surface. Due to backward rust-proof technology in the domestic, it is easy to leaves thick oil stains on the surface when dealing with bearing body. However, it is rarely seen thetrace of rust-proof oil from the original assemble imported bearings. The uniformity of chamfering. .The so-called chamfering is the junction of horizontal plane and vertical plain. Because the production technology of counterfeit brand bearing is restricted, the dealing of chamfering is not so satisfactory. Weight. Even if the same type ''NSK''bearings,counterfeit bearings use less material than quality products. The manufacturer of counterfeit bearing uses common steel material to replace high oxidation special steel, so its weight is lighter. Price. The price of NSK bearing is higher than domestic bearing. If you want to buy original assemble bearing at the price of domestic bearing, it is impossible. Even if you purchase, the bearing must be counterfeit. Finally, Shanghai Lily reminds you that if you can't determine the true or false of the bearing, you can purchase samples firstly and then you make decision to reduce loss. You should not only depend on these conditions, some highly-imitated NSK bearing can be recognized after using for a period of time.