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Lily Bearing Customer Case Studies

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:10:34    
Overview: Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in the production of miniature bearing well-known enterprises, professional to provide customers with non-standard custom, after-sales service in a body's enterprise.In guarantee under the condition of bearing quality and timely delivery, also needs corresponding work team for customers to understand our situation, convenient market management!Of course also need the first-class sales team, reduce misjudgment, achieve a win-win situation!We don't need to exaggerate the product's performance, bearing sales is a precision industry.Any exaggerated sales will lead to the company reputation.Here are some brief sales analysis, hope to share with you! Ann: Customer: how much is this XX bearing?We need to use on XX equipment. Business: this is our main product, research and development has been for many years, and accumulated related customers, for many big companies now form a complete set, (such as XX enterprise) prices currently only XX, and very suitable for your company's equipment, can solve the problem of the expensive department of XX. Customer: I have heard that your bearing can also.Is too expensive, we need X million a month! Business: Sir/madam, you said you are don't think he's worth the money?Or the price is beyond your budget? Customer: XX local bearing I also have seen, material is the same with you, also not bad to use, the somebody else why to XX. Business: Sir/madam, I think you really very carefully, you said these parts of the bearing, is lower than us, I want to ask once, you feel like the quality of bearing directly appearance shows the good or bad?And you also said, also not bad to use, also is not ideal!You consulting now we also want to find high quality, but prices are not high product right?(since the other parts of the bearing is cheap, why did the customer find our consulting? This is the question.) Customer: what else is there? Business: buy bearing not buy vegetables, bearing's service life is long, use stability, is your company is seeking, so I have to carefully select a product, in fact, whether bearing for you, in addition to the appearance, more important is whether the product quality and reliable.Our company for this type of equipment, have improved a lot in terms of the processing technology, general can reach level of XX, and through the eu RoSH certification, the main or after-sales service, for our products reach or you in use process problems will be handled in time, (what are the advantages can also be increased according to the circumstance, is not absolute) avoid the trouble back at home that except you.