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Leeport Becomes Sole Agent Of Safan In China

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:27:10
Leeport Metalforming Machinery Limited has become Safan's sole agent in China, the company announced on December 1. Safan is a famous manufacturer of sheet-working machines. Its press brakes and shears are specially designed to enable users to stand out from the crowd thanks to higher efficiency, lower production costs, better ergonomics and responsible ecological practices. For example, the Safan E-Brake electronic press-brake will save up to 50% energy costs. The synchronized servo-electronic drive consumes energy only when the upper beam is actually moving. The servo-electronic drive with fast start and stop times allows for bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec. Thus, the Safan E-Brake can bend up to 30% faster. Given the recent volatile market, these factors are particularly important in enabling manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness and increase their profits. Sa Wai Keung, General Manager of Leeport Metalforming Machinery Limited, commented: "This partnership with Safan allows Leeport to offer a complete range of metalforming equipment from punching machines and laser cutting machines to press brakes. Our sales and service team have received full training on Safan's whole series of products, and they are ready to provide prompt and professional support to our customers in China." Since its incorporation in 1932, Safan has gained extensive expertise throughout the world, offering solutions for mechanical sheet-working at a wide variety of companies. The Netherlands-based company has an impressive series of technological breakthroughs and patents to its name, from the first hydraulic shear in 1965 to the first intelligent press-brake with integrated robots, the Safan I-Brake, in 2007.