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Kml Shanghai Took Measures To Promote Delivery Capability

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:49:47
To increase storage and delivery capability, in April 2008, KML Powertrans Inc. expended 2000 square meters to warehouse area, and the added freight spaces amounted to 1350 respectively. Therefore, there are 3000 positions in logistics and warehouse system. The warehouse area is over 4200 square meters. Other workshops and semi-product regions are 1200 square meters or so. The overall logistics center, 7000 square meters, gradually realize three-dimensional and comprehensive operation, which provides anchor for KML development in the future. Since 2008, KML increased investment to Logistics center, not only expended 2000 square meters, but also invested about 200,000 yuan to buy new shelves and over 100,000 yuan to buy forklifts. At present, over 80% goods are packed, stored and delivered from Shanghai logistics warehouse. About KML KML Bearing is a leading worldwide bearing supplier specializing in the development and marketing of our own KML Brand of Bearings. Through our own factories, joint venture factories and our strategic affiliated factories, we are able to provide a wide range of bearing types and configurations servicing many types of industries and markets. Our core competencies, which consist of our engineering and research & development facilities, our strategic affiliated factory alliances and our strong global distribution and logistics network, provides our customers with a seamless, solutions driven, customer focused experience.