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Kharkov Bearing Plant Adds Large Cylindricals

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:54:33
Ukraine's Kharkov Bearing Plant (JSC) revealed it is acquiring production equipment from China to produce larger cylindrical roller bearings. The expansion comes as Kharkov moves to become a "serious competitor" to bearing manufacturers in Russia -- particularly European Bearing Corp., and Samara Bearing Plant Group which together control over 80% of the region's bearing production. One of the largest bearing manufacturing facilities in the former Soviet states, Kharkov is the semi-privatized incarnation of former Soviet State Bearing Plant 8 (SBP-8). The plant produces a range of more than 500 different bearings, with annual capacity reportedly in the neighborhood of 30 million bearings and sets. Sales are approximately USD $60 million. All of Kharkov's bearings are manufactured and sold under the HARP brand. Kharkov Bearing Plant is controlled by Ukrainian Industry Energy Company, and run by Anatoly Girshfeld. Adding capacity for large cylindricals will position Kharkov to better compete for business in Eastern Europe's fast-growing demand for large industrial bearings. Particularly important are electric and diesel locomotives, the oil and gas industry, and mining. Reportedly, the production equipment will boost Kharkov's large bearing capacity by an additional 120,000 bearings per year. It will add another 25 large bearings to the product line, while extending coverage to ODs up to 400mm. Until now, HARP's largest cylindricals have been 320mm OD. With Ukraine currently importing most of its large industrial bearings from Russia, Mr. Girshfeld said: "Now the plant can brake the monopolistic state, which is taking European Bearing Corporation in the CIS market for this class of product."