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Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Hybrid Bearing Better Performance

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:51:12    
Hybrid ceramic bearing is also called half ceramic bearing, which is the hybrid of common bearing and ceramic bearing. They not only inherit high speed, high precision and high rigid gene of common bearing, but also continue wear-resisting corrosion resistance characteristics of the ceramic bearing. Its assembly structure ways include inner and outer rings + silicon nitride balls/zirconia balls + steel cage or PTFE cage and stainless steel inner and outer rings + silicon nitride balls or zirconia balls + steel cage or PTFE cage, which are two common assembly ways. Compare with common full mental bearing, hybrid ceramic bearing's rolling body is changed and there are no other changes. Why we change rolling body? The cost increase after changing, what problems can they solve? If customers often use bearings or have some special requirements for bearings, they will know. It is just a small change, but it can help many enterprises solve problems. Everybody knows that ceramic balls have three advantages over common mental balls, that is high temperature resistance and good wear resistance, low friction coefficient and their own without resistance and non-conducting (dielectric material) Due to the above several characteristics, common bearing bear 160 degrees or so, but ceramic bearing can bear 220 degrees or above. The low friction coefficient of ceramic balls make that the rotation speed of ceramic bearing is 1.5 times higher than common bearing. The abrasive resistance characteristic of ceramic bearing makes its service life is 2-3 times longer than common bearing. The ceramic ball is non-conducting, which makes insulation between bearing's inner and outer rings. Then the bearing can be used under conducting environment.