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How To Install And Use The Ball Bearing Snap Swivels Properly

Release time : 2015-06-11 07:43:54
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to install and use the ball bearing snap swivels properly ?2004-2012 Ball bearing snap swivels need to be replaced, the installation, it is best to operate in accordance with strict steps, the effect of this is related to the running of the spindle. First, the preparations and precautions before installation Check the the optional ball bearing snap swivels type, Specification is correct, and equipped to use the machines and pipes (pipe section) connection parts are you missing. Threaded coupling, the hollow shaft of the rotary joint should check the thread's spin to the contrary, whether fitted with the direction of rotation of the rotating body are the same size. Roller ball bearing snap swivels, you should check the date of manufacture, Ruoyin long time original grease lapsed the installation before the rotary joint apart, remove grease failure, and parts cleaning, replacement can The use of grease at the maximum use temperature. Second, the installation sequence The ball bearing snap swivels should be properly installed in accordance with the requirements of the installation manual, or sealing performance and its life will not be able to fully play out. Assembly and installation of the unidirectional rotary joint and equipped with equipment When the hollow shaft and is equipped with a rotating body with screw connection, usually at the thread coated white the lead oil or soft films, hollow shaft tool clamping (generally designed using a wrench the Nips plane) is rotating body threaded coupling The center of the hole screwed until Tighten far. When the hollow shaft and is equipped with a rotating body with flange connection, should be on the protruding flange hollow shaft end portion and a uniform thickness of the gasket, and then the mating portion and the screw hole is fitted with the end portion of the rotating body is secured with bolts, fastening bolts, the response to the angle of tight final tightening torque should be the same. Tube equipped with a rotating body connection for bidirectional inner tube fixed rotary joint the unidirectional rotary joint. The difference is that the installation of the inner tube. The connection of the inner tube and the end cap of the rotary joint taper pipe thread and pipe thread connections, and its connection with the rotating body is equipped with spin, to the contrary, with the outer pipe thread or with spin rotating body connection to the same. The outer tube flange connection, the inner tube and the end cap with screw connection, sometimes with a nut end portion of the inner tube locking in the end cap. When installing the inner tube tighten consolidation positive rotation adapter cap threaded bore hole by the end portion of the outer tube inward, and then the inner tube into the lumen is equipped with a rotating body, the use of siphon-type, should be transferred to the positive siphon bend head pipe mouth down, and then fixedly fitted on the outer tube and equipped with a rotating body connection. Bidirectional rotary inner tube rotary joint outer tube and is equipped with a connection fitting of the rotating body is the same as the one-way rotary joint, the different point is that the mounting assembly of the inner tube. Before you install the outer tube, the first inner tube assembly is equipped with a rotating body. This structure of inner tube equipped with rotating body generally use threaded connections rotation with rotating spin to the contrary. Remove the end cap of the Stainless Steel Bearings rotary joint, when the packing seal between the inner and outer tubes, the packing gland should be, the detent pin (some rotary joint design of this Part) Remove test case different loose filler, or remove a filler, and then the inner tube is loaded the center of the positive outer tube, and fixedly connected to the outer tube and equipped with a rotating body. Then according to the original order in which they are apart of reverse packing gland of the inner tube, end cap assembly. Before the connection is not equipped with a transmission fluid pipe fittings should do the following: Hand or tool flip the the rotary connector housing, to check whether the rotation flexibility, or need to find out the reasons, to adjust Needle Roller Bearings. With ball bearing grease added and bleed design, you should check whether the filling hole up, bleed the next hole and check whether direct oiling cup in the handling process break something, clogging. Check and adjust the the positive fluid into the lead pipeline position corresponding channels corresponding to whether the Miniature RC Bearings meet the design requirements. Assembly rotary joint stop turn and lifting structural load-bearing parts, and adjust its shell and hollow shaft concentricity. According to the rotary joint installation manual assembly connected to the metal flexible hose (or other flexible hose) and other fittings and fixed connection to the pipeline transmission fluid.