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How To Find Out The Damage Of Ceramic Bearings For Bicycles

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:42:01
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to find out the damage of ceramic bearings for bicycles ?2004-2012 Bicycle rely on the human engine driven transport, smooth ceramic bearings can reduce the consumption of the kinetic energy, so much faster, and bicycle bearing ring true, even if it is the smallest loss of power and the the friction rise will affect the speed, so in order to perfectly smooth bike, there must be close to perfect ceramic bearings to match. 16% of bicycle ceramic bearing assembly damage, 36% lubrication is not among the damage, 14% damage from pollution, 34% is the fatigue damaged, and the occurrence of fatigue damage is very long, and a low speed deep groove ball bearings, theoretically life is permanent, so maintenance and installation are very critical. Why bearings will damage The only part of the bearings are damaged, most of the bearing application in practical use over the design life of the machine or apparatus itself. Bearing damage for many reasons, beyond the original estimate of the load, the effective sealing or tight fit, thus resulting in a small gap, any kind of factors that have a special form of damage, and will leave special signs of damage Therefore, checking damaged Miniature Bearings, in most of the examples species can be found cause damage, and giving these reasons to take prevention measures. Generally speaking, more than 30 percentile fatigue damage, and the other more than 60 percent are poor lubrication, contamination, caused by improper installation methods. However, these cis-and situation bearings used in industrial relations, such as pulp and paper industry, mostly because of pollution, poor lubrication caused, rather than due to material fatigue caused. Bicycle ceramic bearings damage based on my personal experience, drink the pulp and paper industry is somewhat similar, bearing flooding occurred in the past, leading to internal rusting occurs not ring true, also had cause bearings easier because of the wrong use of extreme pressure oil error of percussion bearing damage, but also to cause and loaded both found to ring true, shortly after the beginning of the damage occurred. Ceramic Bearings for bicycle damage judgment - touch, look, listen Check the axle, prior bearing fault found in long-distance or game before, early troubleshoot these problems in advance of the serious deterioration of the bearing lubrication, lubrication or replacement, to avoid due to hardware problems, which will affect the level of play, which for professional riders and amateur riders are very important. Touch is a very simple way, industrial bearing lubrication problems can lead to a high temperature, and you can feel the hand touch, hard as the high-speed rotation in such a high temperature would be harmful bearing lubricant for bicycle pits or beads round like quicksand feeling, even to the point of bearing heat, bicycle inspections touch only the hand mold is the axis of rotation of the hub, which can be felt inside, indicate the presence of vibration lack of good lubrication, and if the rotation the astringent and card, then the oil dry or wrong device Perlin have displaced tight. Observed mainly for bearing the appearance, to see if the rubber seal has been broken, open the plastic seal check the oil dry black behalf of lubricant contamination or carbonation, whitish turbid Description influent, this case is detected earlier, The damage oil change is smaller, while the long-term this oil use, allows bearings to cause irreversible damage. Listen, commonly used in industrial electronic stethoscope to check bearing the muffled whining on behalf of bearing working the Stauss sound and sharp chirp or other irregular business, it means that the bearing is in normal working condition . Sharp chirp may be caused by improper lubrication, improper lubrication according to metal friction, Stauss acoustic might lubricant contaminated. Irregular murmur raceway dent vibration issue. Very simple way, in the case of electronic stethoscope bike fork or fork, then use a wooden stick top rotation axis can also use this method, but because of the will and the rear axle of the central axis of the sound mixed together, so bad judgment. The above three methods, the most suitable for a bicycle is the touch, simply the wheel to remove a turn, can be very accurately feeling that the severity of damage to the ceramic bearings for bicycle.