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How To Find Bearing Cross Reference Numbers For Alternate Sources

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:38:39
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to find bearing cross reference numbers for alternate sources? ?2004-2012 Many user can not buy the right bearing in their local. So more and more user choose to purchase from china directly through the Internet even if they need to pay the freight and import duties, but they can buy the highest cost-effective Ball Bearings of different type. A variety of bearing and price deep to attract them. But some of them beginners send me email asking for bearing cross reference numbers and want to find alternate suppliers. So how to find bearing cross reference numbers for alternate sources? Bearing cross reference numbers for standard parts are generally easy. First you need one manufacturer's part number (Shanghai Lily bearing). For a ball bearing or roller bearing the manufacturer's name and part number will be marked on the side of the bearing race. Give this information to any bearing manufacturer, and they can immediately cross reference it to others. With a bit of luck they may have one on the shelf or be able to get it within a few hours or a day from a local warehouse. If you don't have the part number, but you can get the Miniature Bearings dimensions from the mating parts, then write down the Inside Diameter, Outside Diameter, and Width. Give these dimensions to a bearing supply, and they can look up bearings in that size (with multiple manufacturer's part numbers). If you do not have an original part in hand to know a part number or size, then look in the Service Parts List to find the Shanghai Lily bearing's part number for the bearing. Do a web search for that number (Google it). This may turn up lots of things not related to bearings, so you may need to narrow the search like this: Shanghai Lily bearing. Look at the search results to find British car parts suppliers. This sometimes yields in-house stock numbers from alternate suppliers. Fairly often it may mention multiple applications for the part, giving more clues where to look for hard to find parts. Occasionally one of the British parts suppliers may note the manufacturer's part number or dimensions of the bearing. In this case I found County brand bearing number 4208, which turns out to be the standard bearing number. Doing a web search with that number turns up multiple manufacturers like SKF 4208, INA 4208, etc.