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How To Deal With The Problems Arising From Custom Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:02:44
As a bearing salesman, when I see customers buy different type and material bearings or one type bearing with different materials, I have different feelings. In the beginning, I just sell bearing mechanically and can't coordinate customers to do research and design. When customers have problems, I can't solve the problems. The reasons why I can't solve the problems are that: On one hand, I don't have a comprehensive understanding of enterprises' starting point of design, the problems arising from early usage, the problems to be solved and the effect to be achieved. On the other hand, when customers have told me the problems, I don't analyze and deal with problems comprehensively according to the emerging problems, production and cost. Take my Fujian customer for an example, his information as follow: 1. Customer produces fishing tackle. 2. Early material is 440c stainless steel. 3. Bearing model is non-standard piece. The size is non-standard, the outer ring need go slotted line and the inner ring needs to be bilateral bulge to have better fixed effect. The staring points of customer's new product design: 1. He wants to produce several kinds of top end fishing tackle and the service life is not just disposable, but one or two year. 2. Solve the following problems arising from fishing tackle industry: product rust, noise and high cost of anti-corrosive materials. The problems arising from customer's usage: 1. Bearing rust 2. Big noise during high speed rotation. The problems that customer needs to solve: 1. Rust-proof. 2. Noise during high speed rotation. 3. The cost control of changing fishing tackle accessories. The customer wants the new product to solve leftover problems and meet his requirements for designing this product. According to the information, I deal in the following ways: 1. Firstly, I request master of technical department to provide standard production drawings (The same size has different forms in different fields) 2. Rust-proof materials: stainless steel 440c, 304, 316, ceramic Zirconia, Silicon nitride and silicon carbide. 3. The minimum processing size of 304 and 316 is 5mm (inner diameter) and the minimum order quantity is 1000. 4. The noise and clearance of full ceramic bearing bearings are more difficult to control than metal bearing. If the order quantity is more than dozens sets, we can arrange production. Finally, customer determines to use Zirconia ceramics. The photos of product as follows: