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How To Choose Bearing Lubricating Grease Correctly

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:17:12
Bearing's grease is the main channel to prolong bearing life when bearing is being used. The most important is to do the bearing lubrication work well. If you want to do the best lubrication effect, it is vital to choose lubrication grease. We have to think over through following aspects: 1. Rust-preventative oil and rust inhibitor which are better not soluble in water. Normally, there are always rust-preventative oil on the surface of bearings when which leave factory. 2. Oil seal is the necessary protective screen who protects bearings and lubricating agent from foreign pollution. In this condition, no debris or moisture can come inside, to keep from bearing's stop and affect its working life. 3. Please do not mix different grease who can't be mixed. If 2 kinds of incompatible grease together used, usually the consistence would get weak, grease's turnover lead to bearing's broken finally. But if you do not know which grease initially used in your bearing, please thoroughly clean grease inside and outside, then add the grease. 4. The main classifying ways is according to the temperature and working condition: grease's consistence and lubricating capacity are influenced by working temperature, in a certain temperature, bearing has to be consistent with them. It could be divided into: low-temp. use, mid- temperature use and high- temperature use. More information for reference to click: Internal clearance