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How Ball Bearings Work The Working Principle Of Bearing Is Introduced

Release time : 2015-06-11 07:46:30
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How ball bearings work - the working principle of bearing is introduced ?2004-2012 If you want to know why skateboard and electric motor can be quiet rotary? The answer lies in how ball bearings work. Bearing can make daily machine normal running. If there is no bearing, we may need to often changing accessories. In this paper, we will introduce how ball bearings work and a various types of bearing, explain general use. Bearing principle is very simple: objects rolling easier than slide. Car wheels as large bearing. If you use the sled instead of wheel, so it is difficult to move. This is the friction between the two objects will slow down the sliding speed and let object stop to moving. If two objects can be mutual rolling, then friction will be reduced.Bearing type has a lot of, each pair of their respective purposes. Including High Speed Bearings, and so on.... . Bearing as the foundation of the development of rolling bearings, and its working principle is a substitution of rolling friction for sliding friction, generally consists of two ring, a group of rolling element and a cage of generality is very strong, standardization, serialization degree high mechanical basic parts. As a result of all sorts of mechanical have different working conditions, the rolling bearing in the load capacity, structure and performance characteristics and puts forward all kinds of different requirements. Therefore, rolling bearing must have a wide variety of structure. However, the most basic structure is the inner ring and outer race, rolling element and cage composition - often called four parts. For Ball Miniature Bearings , plus lubricant and sealing ring (or dust cover) -- also called six parts. All kinds of bearing type name is according to the rolling element name for the corresponding named. All kinds of parts in the role of bearing respectively is: for radial bearing, inner ring usually and shaft interference fit, and to work together with the shaft, usually with outer bearing or mechanical shell blast holes transition fit, the supporting role. However, in some cases, there are also running outer, inner ring fixed up supporting role or inner ring and outer all at the same time of operation. For Miniature RC Bearings, and shaft interference fit together and movement of the said shaft ring, and bearing or mechanical shell blastholes transition fit and the supporting role of says race. Rolling body (ball and roller or needle) in bearing inner usually with cage evenly arranged in two ring between rolling movement, its shape, size and quantity directly influence the bearing load ability and performance. Cage except to rolling body evenly outside separated, but also is the guiding roller body rotation and improve bearing internal lubrication action such as performance. Above are all of the content of how ball bearings work.