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Heilongjiang Deputy Provincial Governor Visited Hrb Pic

Release time : 2015-06-15 11:22:23
http://www.bearing.com.cn/direc/myimg/HRB%20081210.jpg On the morning of December 2???2008???Mr. Gai Ruyin???Standing Committee Member of CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, and Heilongjiang Deputy Provincial Governor, accompanied by some provincial and municipal leaders???visited Harbin Bearing Group Company. Mr. Gai Ruyin visited Railway Bearing Plant and Aerospace Bearing Plant. Pang Jun, Board Chairman of HRB, sincerely expressed his warmest welcome to every leader on behalf of all the staff, and made a report emphasized on three aspects such as company general situation, influence of financial crisis upon national bearing industry and HRB, and further development of HRB respectively. After debriefing, Gai Ruyin made active response to the recent work of HRB. F¡¡T¡¡