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Good Quality Skateboard Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-09 09:57:31
Most of young people play skateboard. In my mind, the people who can play skateboard are very cool. If the skateboard has very beautiful and good quality?skateboard bearings, then it will be more cool.
Generally speaking, the skateboard bearings can be 627, 608(8x22x7mm)?and 6900. But the commonly used skateboard bearings are 627 and 608 bearing.
Many customers choose skateboard bearings (chrome steel races + steel balls + nylon cage + rubber seals + oil lubricant). It is standard skateboard bearings and the skateboard bearings are welcomed by customers.
Of course, some customers also choose silicon nitride hybrid ceramic or zirconia hybrid ceramic bearing (chrome steel races + silicon nitride or zirconia ceramic balls + nylon cage + rubber seals + oil lubricant). The price of hybrid ceramic bearing is higher than common chrome steel skateboard bearing.
We can also custom print logo or letters on the rubber seals according to customers'requirements, such as silk printing, embossing.
In addition, we can also provide spacers or washer or packaging box. Then it is convenient for customers to purchase these products from us. You can click?skateboard bearing,?to know more about our skateboard bearings, package box and accessories (such as spacer or washer).