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Fixturlaser Upadxa The Hands Free Shaft Alignment Tool

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:10:00
The laser-based and wireless shaft alignment tool, Fixturlaser UPADXA, is the first tool of its kind that is truly portable. "The wireless display unit is worn on the arm; the user therefore has his hands free and can work in complete freedom," explains David Ramnath, SKF ball bearings South Africa's Business Development Manger, Reliability Systems. Ramnath continues, "It may be small in size, but it can handle everything that its big brother, the award-winning shaft alignment tool Fixturlaser XA, can do, ranging from advanced shaft alignment applications to geometric measurements. The user interface guides the user during the entire measurement of RC bearings and alignment process by using color-coded measurement values, icons, and arrows. These units also have a touch screen, which makes it easier for the user to navigate through functions." "The consumer market for electronics has long been driven by making products smaller and portable. Elos Fixturlaser, Elos Fixturlaser, with 25 years of experience in developing laser-based system for alignment of rotating machinery, considers it is high time that the maintenance sector benefits from this development, and SKF South Africa is in full agreement," elaborates Ramnath. Elos Fixturlaser are also proud to be the only manufacturer of laser based shaft alignment tools with a measurement method for miniature bearings Fixturlaser UPADXA that is based on the CCD technology, recently awarded with the Nobel Prize.