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First Awarding Ceremony For Schaeffler Engineering Scholarship Held In Southwest Jiaotong University

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:16:48
Recently, the awarding ceremony for Schaeffer Engineering Scholarship was held in southwest Jiaotong University. The representatives of senior management level and the related people from Schaeffler Group (China) were present at the ceremony. Schaeffler Group has cooperated with Southwest Jiaotong University in China for almost ten years. From 2001 to 2007, Schaeffler Group has set up FAG Engineering Scholarship in Southwest Jiaotong University successively, specially encouraging the excellent research thesis in the field of product innovation, High Speed Bearings Manufacturing and market strategy, etc. In 2009, Schaeffler Group (China) decided to set up Schaeffler Engineering Scholarship in Southwest Jiaotong University to cultivate and encourage the excellent students in the railway engineering field. 18 graduate students from Railway Vehicle College and Traction Power Lab. have been awarded the first Schaeffler Engineering Scholarship. Dr. Gou Jianhui and other leaders of the university have awarded the scholarship to them. The set up of Schaeffler Scholarship is aiming at the development of Chinese railway in the future, supporting the reform and innovation of university so that the university can cultivate the students who can better meet the requirements of enterprises and the society. Dr. Gou Jianhui, the Managing Director of Schaeffler Group (China), suggested in the awarding ceremony. After the ceremony, Dr. Gou Jianhui gave a wonderful speech to all the teachers and students about Schaeffler Group and its development strategy in China, and how to face up the challenge of the future occupation, and answered students question about the direction of Chinese Miniature Bearings development, and personal occupation plan, etc. On the same day, Dr. Gou Jianhui and Mr. Chen Chunyang, the President of Southwest Jiaotong University, had friendly conversation about the cooperation pattern between enterprise and university. The two parties also suggested that they will not only develop the cooperation on university construction, but also enhance the academic research communication. Schaeffler Group (China) is willing to supply opportunity for the excellent students to practice, know about the enterprise beforehand, and definitude the direction of RC Bearings development.