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Experience About Custom Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:57:22
It has been a period of time for me in Shanghai Lilybearing Co,Ltd as a salesman. I know to be a good salesman I must learn to organize and conclude so that I can know what and how I did before, and then put forward the good aspect and improve the drawbacks. After communicate with customers I found there are two important, one is listening and another is solving problem. In the bearing industry I often meet the customer who need custom bearings. Often these customers are rejected because many manufacturer tend to product normal bearings and set minimum order quantity which exceeds customer's purchase plan. What more there are many manufacturer charging for the models. One day a customer whose axis of rotation and transmission gear are sold well all over the world found me. They told me their requirements and emphasized that the shipment must on time and quick. What's more they required we shouldn't have the minimum ordered quantity. The customer gave me a handed drawing of the bearing. From the drawing I could find the dimensions are 20*49*16mm which means the bearing is non-standard bearing. And there were two very important, one was we must open a stop groove with 0.2mm width according to the drawing, another was the noise should be low and vibration must be small which decided the bearing cage should made with nylon. I realized that we must be strict with custom bearings, so I drawed a standard CAD picture with our engineer. We finally confirmed the drawing after several confirmation and modification. We didn't reject our customer and helped with the problems although there order quantity is only 100 pieces. We needed debug the machine constantly when did the loop, because the bearing was non-standard. Our company invited a senior technician for us to debug the machine. Then we completed the production overnight. Next step was to produce the nylon cage. The nylon cage was difficult to forming and the model fee was very high. We found the hole of the nylon cage would enlarge under the high temperature and high rotation speed. To solve this problem we reduced the packages ball and increase the inner packages ball, and it acted successfully. Throughout many difficulties we provided the products to our customer on time. Our customer called us for thank after they received the custom bearings. And I felt very happy when I heard the laughter from the phone. It wasn't wrong before the customer found us for another non-standard. They gave us thumbs up when they took delivery of goods. In addition to customers our company has long term cooperation with domestic well know universities, research institutions such as aviation oil conquer the difficulty of non-standard one after another. Because we insist on honesty, listening to customers, overcoming technical problems and providing quality service so our customer always support us. So our Shanghai LilyBearing has a good reputation.