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Employees Birthday Party From Lily Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:35:14
Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer and Bearing Manufacturer in China. Founded in 2000, it is located in the Shanghai City, aiming to produce Inch Bearing, Metric Series Bearing, Flange Bearing Series, Stainless Steel Bearing, Plane Thrust Bearing, Ceramic Ball Bearings, etc. The company started from initial dozens of person to present over 200 person, home marketing to world-wide marketing, is getting mature and steady step by step, Lily stands for beautiful tomorrow, supply global customers with convenient service more quickly and accurately. At the same time of seeking development, Lily also pay very attention to train employees' expertise and professional quality, what we do more is: analyze and discuss against customer's feedback, in the mean time, with several experience, solve problems as much as possible, prevent risk, uttermost improve enterprise efficiency. In Lily, work is just a part of Lily, life is also a large proportion Lily concerns. See! The day before yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of our colleagues, how colorful and happy they were! Celebrating birthday every year, the same colleague does not exist. I believe, at the back of so many wishes, it's not only happy birthday for our colleagues, also wish tomorrow of Lily would be flourishing day by day!