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Do You Want To Know The Difference Of Sleeve Bearing Vs Ball Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:25:00
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Do you Want to Know the Difference of Sleeve Bearing VS Ball Bearing? ?2004-2012 When consider which kinds of bearing is suitable to you, you need to know clearly of sleeve bearing vs ball bearing. Sleeve bearing is a precision mechanical support element, the users hope sleeve bearing design that they will not be damaged in the predetermined period of use and to maintain its dynamic performance. Ball bearings are the most common types. Basic ball bearing design is by the outer, inner ring, ball and cage composition. Ball bearing is the most representative of the rolling bearing, High Speed Bearings wide range of USES which are suitable for high speed operation, and very durable, often without maintenance. Comparing sleeve bearing vs ball bearing, Sleeve bearings have an expected lifetime that is comparable to that of equivalent ball bearings in low-temperature environments. They are 1 to 3 decibels quieter than equivalent ball bearings. Sleeve bearings are less expensive than equivalent ball bearings. But ball bearings are more durable than sleeve bearings in most circumstances--however there are times when a sleeve bearing is equally effective. Sleeve bearings are less noisy than ball bearings such as Deep Groove Ball Bearings and work well in quiet environments. When you want to choose sleeve bearings, please refer to the following for detailed introductions. The sleeve bearing design of the main considerations is the ultimate speed to require the Dacron life and load capacity, and other factors help determine the final program of the bearing type, structure, size and tolerance level and clearance workers seeking. Sleeve bearing design, first determine the size of the shaft, and then, based on the size of the design of the shaft sleeve bearings. Comparing sleeve bearing vs ball bearing, the following paragraphs have a brief introduction of ball bearings for your information: Ball bearing design can bear larger load, because the ball loading, the steel and the middle of the steel, so it is also called the ball bearing. Ball and the internal and external ring is usually made chrome steel, hardness is about 61-65 between, and maintainer of the lower hardness. Its material has a metal or nonmetal such as Full Ceramic Bearings. Ball bearing design than journal bearing friction resistance is small, so the same speed, lower temperature. Ball bearing friction coefficient is small; the limit speed is high, simple structure, low manufacture cost. So widely used in precision instrument, low noise machine, automobile, motorcycle and general machinery and other industries, is the most widely used in mechanical industry of bearing. Comparing sleeve bearing vs ball bearing, In a cool environment where the bearing can be mounted vertically, a sleeve bearing is a cost-effective alternative to a sleeve bearing. For jobs that will place the bearing under a considerable amount of heat stress, a ball bearing will demonstrate more longevity than a sleeve bearing. Consider the environment and demands placed on the bearing before choosing which type to use.