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Do The Skateboard Bearings Need Maintenance Yes Definitely

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:06:47
Skateboarding featuring the excitement has become a popular and fashionable sport. Skateboards are the most important equipments and high performance 608 skateboard bearings are crucial here. Otherwise, little mistakes lead to big ones. In order to keep the high performance and ensure the high rotation speed as long as possible, it is necessary for us to regularly clean and maintain the bearings.
When you find that bearings have loud noise as the wheels are rotating or the skateboard is spinning more slowly, it is time to maintain the bearings.
Firstly, you should remove your skateboard bearings. 
Take the nut off the axle and twist off the bearings using pliers or screwdriver.
Secondly, remove the rubber seals or metal shields. 
If your bearings have the rubber seals, you are very lucky and you just should poke them out with a paper clip. Metal-shielded bearings have a "c" clip around the race and you need take off it. Please keep in mind that you should be VERY careful, I repeat VERY careful. Otherwise, you may damage the shields.
Thirdly, cleaning.
Then soak your bearings in gasoline, some solvent or alcohol for about two minutes. You can shake gently the container to better effect.
Fourthly, regreasing. Dry the bearings off. It is a good idea to regrease the bearings, which will stop bearings rusting too fast. You can get the specific lubrication used for bearings in shop and place two drops in each bearing.
All done!
Put the skateboard bearings back into wheels and skate away!