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Dental Bearing Dentists Good Helper

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:34:33
Dental bearings are also called high speed turbine dental bearings, which are applied to dental machine just as the name implies. The working principle of dental bearings is turbine, bearing and shaft interference and the whole high speed rotation driven by compressible air to lead the spring chuck and bit installed in shaft hole to work. As is known to us, dental bearings are mainly applied to dental department. Otherwise, they are also applied to high speed grinding machines. As the professional dental bearing manufacturer, I reorganize the frequently asked questions and want to share with everyone. Dental bearings' types: (1) Ordinary type; main models are SR144TL, SR144TLZ and SR144TLZ1. (2)With thrust gear side type; main models are SFR144TL, SFR144TZ and SFR144TLZ1. (3)With step type; main models are SR144TLK, SR144TLKZ and SR144TLKZ1. (4)Special type; main models are SR144TLLZ1W02 and SR144TLKZW02 and so on. They are classified two kinds from dental bearings' types in shapes, namely centripetal ball bearings and angular contact bearings. Dental bearings' material. The inner and outer rings of dental bearings adopt stainless steel (9CR18MO).The ball body adopts stainless steel (AIS440C) or non-metallic hard and good abrasive resistance ceramic material (si3n4). The retainers mainly adopt polyimide materials having high strength, low friction and self lubricating or phenol fabric bakelite material. In 200-500 kpa pressure air, the rotation speed can reach to 350000-450000rPM. The service life is more than 6 months under the condition of normal use. Dental bearings have many other suffixes. Later I'll introduce their meanings. At the same time, I'll introduce more related knowledge about dental bearing maintenance.