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Deep Groove Ball Bearing 20160920

Release time : 2016-09-20 14:36:56

In the process of machinery operation, deep groove bearing plays the important role of fixing and reducing friction. So in the modern machinery equipment, it has a pivotal position.

Deep groove ball bearing’s precision, working life and performance play a very important role.  Bearing belongs to high-precision product in mechanical products, not only needs the support of all respect of theory, but also needs the support of materials, heat processing, finishing machining, measuring technique, etc. it can say that deep groove ball bearing on behalf of a country’s technology prowess.

Deep groove ball bearing structure consists of inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage. Because of its complicated manufacturing technology, and bearing is a  industrial part which contain complicated technique, synthesis technique or sophisticated technique. The application range of bearings involves the whole machinery market and all kinds of markets. But our sales accounted for only less than 10% of the world. China is a manufacturing power, but there is a big gap with the advanced countries about quality of the bearing and technology, so we should improve our technology to cope with various challenges.

Deep groove ball bearing is mainly used in bear radial loading and axial loading. When deep groove ball bearing has a very big radial internal clearance, it can bear large axial load. Its friction coefficient is small, and its limiting speed is also very high, especially when it runs in high speed and with large axial loading, deep groove ball bearing has more advantages than thrust ball bearing.

Deep groove ball bearing’s application scope is also very broad. It used in gearbox, electrical machine, household appliance, etc. After Deep groove ball bearing is installed on the shaft, within the range of the axial clearance of bearing, deep groove ball bearing could limit the axial displacement between shaft and the direction of shell, so it should position in two-way axial. What’s more, this kind of bearing has Self-aligning ability, for example, when the shell tilted a certain angle, it can still work normally, but it will affect bearing’s working life.