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Confession Of A Bearing Sales Assistant

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:58:22
It is my honor to be a sales assistant of Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co, Ltd. It has beenalmost one month since I been a member of Lily Bearing, here I would like to share my understanding of bearings with you. I was thinking about what bearing is when I received the acceptance notification of Lily Bearing. It may appeared on the BMX made by myself in my childhood. So I got to the website and knew that the bearings is used to fix and reduce the friction in the process of mechanical transmission and widely used. What a wonderful thing, I can't wait for learning about it! I learned a lot after the visitation to the factory with our manager in the first day I went to the company. It is amazing that it need to go through the car race, heat treatment, grinding plane, precision grinding cylinder, cylindrical lapping, internal and external channel superfinishing, and so on. In my opinion each bearing is like a life. Each part of its just like the organ in the body. And each organ is delicate and has its own function. All the parts constitute a bearing and then it will have the power to the area where it is needed to sever the people. We can see the cars,the washing machine, and......,but we can't see the bearings, because they are background workers who work silently in the machine. And I suddenly find that our company is like a bearing. In many machines, there is a component working silently whose name called bearing. In many enterprises there is a company specializing in miniature bearing silently, his name is Lily Bearing. The rolling bearing guides me forward and never stop. Now I feel both happy and fulfilling in the big family of ShangHai LilyBearing. I face life With the sunshine state of mind . Come on! Girl.