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Ceramic Hybrid Bearings In My Mind

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:22:16
Ceramic Hybrid Bearings also called semi-Ceramics bearing, this most common in foreign countries is made from outer silicon oxide and ring of stainless steel, but the bearings homemade are more flexible than the ones abroad, both in multiple textures and modifying directionally according to different customer's usage environment. Everyone knows that bearing is a rotator ,for whomever, the factory, us, and the customer, all hope the bearing turn more flexibly , smoothly in usage, the using duration much longer, more important, this can solve different customer's different practical problems, for instance using it without the use of lubricant. The food everyone gets to needs machine's processing, machine's packaging, but meanwhile we know that machine is turning by bearings. There is lubricant in bearings which may influences the food, but without it, bearings would be easily damaged, the food-grade grease would also do something more or less. So Ceramic Hybrid Bearings can solve this problem, the self-lubricating function relies on its smallest friction coefficient which closes to 0, so that the bearing could rotate smoothly without lubricant. There is another problem, Ceramics bearing's hardness and abrasive resistance are better than metal balls, so that under the premise of no lubricant, ceramics bearing's duration is longer than normal bearing with lubricant. So when different customers buying bearings, tell them our bearings use environment and requirement as much as possible . I believe our Lily Bearing's more than 10years' production and OEM experience would solve your problem!