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Different Types of Ceramic Bearings

Release time : 2017-04-28 02:29:16
With the progress of social, science and technology, the requirement of bearing structure, performance, materials are also slowly growth. Some of the high technological content field and some mechanical environment, such as aviation, metallurgy, chemical, electronics, electricity and so on a wide range of areas, the requirement of bearing is from initial low requirement to high temperature, high speed, high precision, vacuum, strong acid and so on special environment. If only rely on the traditional metal bearing to improve structure and improving the lubrication condition has been unable to meet these new requirements, so we must develop new materials, fundamentally breakthrough and innovation, the researchers found that ceramic materials have a very special performance, they can run in some metal materials and polymer materials are difficult to work environment. And it has all the properties of bearing material need, so the use of ceramic materials in bearing is already the world's high and new technology development and application of hot spots, it has become a trademark mechanical work material. Full ceramic bearings have anti-magnetoelectricity, insulation and other characteristics, they can work in very harsh environments, they can be material of ferrule and bearing rolling. Silicon nitride ceramic bearings Silicon nitride ceramic bearing rings and ceramic rolling elements are made of silicon nitride ceramic materials for higher temperature environments. At the same time they can be used in high-speed precision spindle precision bearings. Full complement ball ceramic bearings Full ball ceramic bearings with a gap on the side, due to the use of non-cage design, so the bearings join more ceramic balls than the standard structure, thus improve the load capacity, and avoid material restrictions.