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Ceramic Bearing Has A High Price And Installation Should Be Careful

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:52:04
Many customers don't know how to install the ceramic bearing when getting it. And dare not to play with it because it is fragile. In fact we needn't worry too much, as long as we can be more careful we can avoid these problems. Below I will give some suggestion about the installation of ceramic bearing. First of all, we must ensure the average pressure around the ring when embedding the ring to the bearing, be sure don't use hammer to knock on the ring direction to avoid destroying the bearing. In addition it is undesirable if we input one side of the ring which tends to cause indentation. It is better to use rubber hammer to knock the round of the ring. Another way is to put the ring into the warm water for a while for lubrication, this way is suitable when the working environment of the bearing is out of oil. We can add some lubricating oil for better installation if the oil has no impaction on the equipment. The last method is very simple, it is according to the tolerance to install. It will be more convenient for us to install if we know the tolerance range of the bearing. So it is better for us to ask for the tolerance range when purchase the ceramic bearing. Ceramic bearing is expensive and need more careful when installed. Installation methods above are for reference only. Hope we can discus together for better methods.