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Casting Forging Company Of Dajiang Industrial Group Successfully Optimized Two Crankshafts

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:31:27
Recently, the Casting & Forging Company of Dajiang Industrial Group has enhanced the technology quality process and optimized two crankshafts of QP-123 and JL465Q5-MP5 with the new process and new method, by which the weight of the raw forge material was reduced, and the utilization ratio of the material has reached 86% with an average increase of 7% and reached the advanced level in the forging industry. QP-123 and JL465Q5-MP5 crankshafts are the dominant products of the Casting & Forging Company. Adopted the original old forging process, the blank is too large with high material and energy consumption, lacking of competition in the market. In order to improve the competition, the company started from reducing the specification of raw material and improving the utilization ratio of raw material to reduce the manufacturing cost. The technicians of the company analyzed the machinery processing of each plant and redesigned the product condition under the premise of ensuring that the products meet processing requirements. In order to avoid the flaw of distortion and bending, etc. after the optimization of the forgings, they adopted the method of combine the experience design and numerical value simulation, established the limited element model, optimized the blank, improved the gap-filling property, control the metal flow, ascertained the reasonable mold designing solution, and ensured the shaping during the finish-forge. After the optimization, the single QP-123 crankshaft saves 2.7kg materials and the single 456Q5-MP5 saves 1.2kg materials. In the first half of this year, the company saved CNY0.85 million in the material expenses; meanwhile, the manufacturing efficiency and the qualification rate of the products were obviously improved.