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C U Hangzhou Benifits From New Products

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:37:46
C & U Hangzhou Company has developed many kinds of new products since beginning of this year. Such as 305,306,208 and 307 series Stainless Steel Bearings for washing machines were manufactured to be instead of imported products, which were supplied to SAMSUNG, SANYO, Panasonic and Haier. To a great extent, newly developed and manufactured products reduced the stress by growing cost and became the new point of economic growth. C&U Group is a national high and new technology enterprise, led by a technical research and development team of professional doctors and senior engineers, R&D center develops new products approximate 400 annually on average, which is at the top level of research in China in terms of vibration noise of rolling Water Pump Bearings, sealing, lubrication, bearing service life, etc, and has obtained a lot of archievements in bearing process, critical accessories and bearing technical research. The technique and quality of C&U Group Ball Bearings has reached the advanced lever in national industry.