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Bicycle Bearing Selectionis Also theknowledge to Learn

Release time : 2017-10-17 05:21:21
Many people may not know, most people put the bike on the bearing called Peilin, in fact, the word is a foreign word, not professional. Bicycle bearing professional called deep groove ball bearings, and we see in the market is the most used deep groove ball bearings. Different levels of deep groove ball bearings, and the role of the bike and the effect is not the same. The highest block is the use of ceramic ball bearings, in fact, the ball is not the general use of the ball, but the use of ceramic balls, and this advantage is to make the bike flexible, high speed and durable. A high block is used in the stainless steel bearings, steel bearings in the bearing is made of stainless steel, material and ferrule material is the same. This is a bit more durable, and flexible rotation. The price is much lower than the ceramic ball. There is a slightly lower end point is the bearing steel bearings, the price is very cheap, that is not particularly durable. Bearing the material is not the most important, and we usually on the maintenance of bicycle bearings is the most important. There are many reasons for bearing damage, such as excessive use of more than the original load. It can be said that 30% is due to poor lubrication and improper maintenance caused. If you ride a bike, feel the wheels turn a little difficult time, you should know that the bearing has been a problem, and later found a little bit of a sense of rotation. This time the bearings are not that can not be used, we should always pay attention to maintenance and lubrication. Only the usual good maintenance and lubrication, in order to make the bicycle deep groove ball bearings to maintain a good state, in order to allow the use of bicycles longer time.