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Bearings In China Forecasts For 2011 2016

Release time : 2015-06-16 07:55:54
Bearings demand to rise 13.8% yearly through 2011 - Demand for Skateboard Bearing in China is projected to see annual gains of 13.8 percent to 125 billion in 2011. The Chinese Ceramic Bearings market will outpace growth in most other parts of the world, driven by rapid growth in manufacturing production, especially in the industrial machinery, motor vehicle and electrical and electronic product segments. In addition, industrial bearing demand will be driven by expansion and modernization of China's infrastructure, resulting in increases in construction machinery production. Needle roller Bearings demand to be the fastest growing unmounted ball bearings accounted for the largest share of overall Chinese bearing demand in 2006. However, unmounted roller bearings will grow at the fastest pace, surpassing ball bearings to be the largest product segment in the Chinese bearing market in 2011. Product gains will be stimulated by increased production of motor vehicles and industrial machinery, which will support increases in both OEM and aftermarket bearing demand. Demand for unmounted plain bearings and mounted bearings will also climb at above-average rates. Plain bearing demand will benefit from growth in production of motor vehicles and industrial machinery, which also represent major plain bearing markets. OEM applications will remain the largest OEM bearing applications will continue to account for well over four-fifths of all bearing demand. Market conditions will be particularly strong in the automotive, industrial machinery, electrical/electronic product, material handling, construction equipment, and mining and oilfield machinery manufacturing markets. Automotive applications will continue to be the largest segment in the OEM market through 2011. However, bearing demand in industrial machinery will be considerably more robust than any other OEM market, driven by production increases for most types of industrial equipment, as economic conditions con-tinue to improve in China. MRO bearing demand will be spurred by growth in the stock of bearing-containing equipment in use, with the fastest growth forecast for the motor vehicle repair segment. Opportunities vary by region The size, growth and composition of bearing demand in the six regions that make up China vary considerably. The Northwest is largely underdeveloped, but is being targeted by the central government. Go West strategy that will result in significant growth in bearing demand as industrialization and construction activity rises. The Central-East region will remain the biggest regional market for bearings through 2011 and beyond, reflecting continuing industrialization efforts and rising income levels. Bearing demand in the Central-South region will be driven by new motor vehicle production lines, as well as solid gains in electrical/electronic goods manufacturing. Study coverage International bearing manufacturers and distributors recognize the tremendous market potential that China offers. However, planning expansion into China is difficult due to a lack of reliable market information. Bearings in China, a new study available for $5100, provides you with the analysis you need to plan for your company's positioning in China. The study provides historical demand data through 2006 plus demand forecasts for 2011 and 2016 by product, market and geographic region. The study also assesses factors affecting the market environment, evaluates company market share data and profiles 31 competitors in China's bearing industry.