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Bearing Industry Expands Its Production Scale Continually

Release time : 2015-06-10 06:57:52
Domestic bearing industry expands its production scale continually in recent years. The quantity of bearing enterprises is increasing sharply. In about 2000 companies, nearly half of them are huge enterprises.
Domestic hardware and bearing industries have developed slowly since 2014. With low craftsmanship and technical equipage level of machines, many huge companies still use traditional equipments as their main force production.
Chinese bearing business does not proliferate fast as a whole. But the users place higher and higher requirements on the precision, performance and types of bearing as the market evolves, and it also turns out that the market demand for upscale bearing are greatly increased. In order to meet the demand, product level and quality of bearings should be greatly improved in bearing trade.
Many difficult issues regarding related technology and craftsmanship for bearing products in the business remain to be solved. If we would like to enhance the bearing level and quality, we need to focus on improvements on steel quality, development of related technology for lubrication, cleanout and abrasives. However, these technologies do not reach the standard requirements.
As one of the prioritized basic industries, bearing industry already has been in possession of larger production capacity, even though it develops slowly at present. National policies have also given strong supports to the developments of bearing industry and the economic scale of bearing trade improve gradually under current situation. In the information age today, bearing industry is bound to take part into Internet e-commerce market for further development.
Participating in Internet e-commerce market opens up a new market space for relieving the excess capacity of bearing trade.