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Art Technologies Gets Leaner By Fully Automating A Second Bearing Assembly Machine

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:50:24
ART Technologies of Hamilton, OH, recently fully automated a second bearing assembly machine. ART Technologies has long been a leader in ball and tapered roller thrust bearings. In a continuous effort to remain the leader ART addressed the need to increase production capacity without increasing cost. The new automated machine has built in automated inspection/measurement equipment, not only increasing production capacity, but also 100% inspecting every bearing as it comes off the machine. This new automation makes ART the world's leading producer of thrust bearings for jack assemblies. The automation not only adds increased capability to ART's assembly department, it also decreases the time required to assure a quality part 100% of the time. Remaining lean and keeping one step ahead of the competition is critical for ART Technologies and our customers. It all starts with well defined and manageable manufacturing processes. Working closely with our customer utilizing our TS16949 approved management process to ensure that all of our employees have the tools that they need to deliver the best possible sourcing experience to our customers. This investment in automation is another example of ART Technologies listening and responding to the market and our customers. About Us Founded in 1943, ART Technologies, Inc. is a family owned and managed high volume precision metal stamping company located conveniently between Cincinnati and Dayton, in Hamilton, OH. We combine proven past techniques with leading edge engineering and the latest available production technology to offer unique solutions for manufacturing difficult and custom stampings, bearings, and assemblies. We serve a diverse customer base in many industries, including but not limited to Agricultural, Appliance, Auto, Truck, Bus, and Trailer marketplaces. Products and services include Metal Stampings, Automotive Door Striker Assemblies, Ball Thrust Bearings and Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings. By mastering organizational efficiency and remaining on the leading edge of engineering technology, ART Technologies is moving towards the future with expanding capabilities with an unparalleled combination of people, process, and product. ART Technologies, Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 registered. In our state-of-the art plant, we operate multiple presses and tonnages to handle the most difficult stamping and coining projects. Our ability to design and build progressive and compound dies offers our customers cost effective solutions for their stamping requirements. Our tool room is dedicated solely to the support of manufacturing and utilizes the latest in equipment and technology. We offer constant in-process inspection by trained operators ensuring a quality product every time and saving valuable quality control time for our customers. For further information: ART Technologies, 3795 Symmes Road, Hamilton, OH (near Cincinnati) 45015, http://www.art-technologies.com www.art-technologies.com contact email: mailto:[email protected] [email protected]