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An Overview Of Lily Miniature Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:56:09    
Miniature bearing refers to all kinds of bearing whose outside diameter is less than 9mm for metric series and less than 9.525mm for imperial series. The bore of most miniature bearings is around 1mm, and the minimum bore can be 0.6mm. The miniature bearing mainly bears the radial load, and has advantages of high speed and low noise. The miniature bearing is mainly used for all kinds of industrial equipments, small rotary motor which require high speed and low noise. Such as office equipments, micro motor, instruments, laser engraving, small clock, floppy disk driver, pressure rotor, dental drill, hard drive motor, stepper motor, VCR drum, toy model, computer cooling fan, counting machine, the fax machine etc. Lily's bearing has advantages of low vibration, low noise, high precision of rotating, low friction torque, high speed performance, excellent sealing performance, beautiful appearance, reasonable price and long life span. The company has production capacity of 30 million sets bearing annual. Lily Bearing can product imperial miniature bearing, metric miniature bearing, miniature motor bearing, homemade miniature bearing, miniature ball bearing, micro bearing, miniature high speed bearing, small bearing, precision miniature bearing etc. The diameter of our Lily's bearing ranges from 1mm to 12mm. They are widely used in many kinds of micro motor, fitness equipment, telecommunication equipment, instrument, calculator, motor vehicle, precision instrument, mechanical equipment, appliance, medical apparatus and instruments, finishing gear, remote control toys etc.