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SE Slewing Drives Can Well Promote Crane Equipment

Release time : 2022-05-06 14:41:36

Cranes, which are devices that lift or move heavy objects horizontally, are widely used in a variety of fields such as manufacturing, engineering, transportation and so on. Therefore, the types of cranes are also various, such as single and double girder overhead traveling cranes, suspension overhead traveling cranes, portal cranes, gantry cranes, fixed cranes, tower cranes, jib cranes, etc. In addition, lifting weight ranges from 1.25 kilograms to 1,000 tons. No matter what crane it is, there is a fact, that is, where there is rotation, there are bearings. 

Furthermore, there are countless sizes and models for crane bearings. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of industry you are in, your cranes need bearings that are able to deal with heavy loads and harsh environments. The bearings play a key role when lifting or moving horizontally. Superior bearings can keep your cranes work well. If bearings are not able to handle heavy loads, then cranes may be inefficient or they might even break down suddenly, thus resulting in unnecessary downtime or even potential accidents.

As for cranes, they require a kind of mechanical part which can handle not only heavy axial and radial loads but also transmit a torque for rotating in a safe way. Meanwhile, cranes have to handle extreme temperatures. The equipment suitable for the above conditions is the slewing drive. The slewing drive is a kind of gearbox which includes a ball or roller slewing ring. It transfer radial forces, axial forces and tilting moments simultaneously.

As one of the world’s main bearing manufacturers, Lily has more than 20 years’ experience of bearing manufacturing expertise and gear design. Lily provides different kinds of slewing bearings and slewing drives. Lily’s slewing drives are designed according to its slewing bearings which can react to both axial and radial forces as well as resulting tilting moments. Lily’s slewing drives are commonly used in the most challenging applications. Different slewing drives have different models. One of the most popular models for cranes is a kind of slewing drives with SE series.

Basically, SE series slewing drives have a low-cost enclosed design with lip seals, slewing ring assembly, 360-degree rotation as well as a self-locking gear set. Some kinds of models are equipped with the double worm gears in order to increase torque capacity. These slewing drives can meet the application requirements in the environment with high humidity. That is to say, slewing drives of this kind are not vulnerable to moisture, heavy rainfall and other harsh environments.

In addition, SE slewing drives has good impact resistance and they are suitable for precise applications. The reason is that these slewing drives uses multi-tooth contact hourglass worm structures. Furthermore, the slewing drives are driven by way of hourglass worm technology to achieve the largest gear torque and the best rotation. As is known, standard slewing drives include an open housing as well as a single self-locking hourglass worm shaft. Every time the power input goes back to the neutral position, the worm shaft will lock the load in place in the absence of any exterior braking equipment. This kind of design can make SE slewing drives a perfect solution to match the relative rotation of two objects.

As for cranes, slewing bearings or slewing drives in deck cranes and pulleys on cantilever arms require proper lubrication to function well. Lily’s experts adopted automatic lubrication ways to send the appropriate lubricant to the right place at the right time while the equipment is working. The way of lubrication can make lubricant travel long distances over a wide range of temperatures. Meanwhile, lubricant can easily go to those points which are difficult to access. In a word, this way of lubrication can help prevent unscheduled shutdowns and thus reduce related costs as well as minimizing the risk of accidents.

In general, vibration, high mechanical loads, contamination and moisture are all threats to the life of bearing products. Lily’s slewing bearings and its slewing drives, with the support of high technology, can avoid these high-risk factors. The slewing application in cranes can demonstrate the advantages. As a matter of fact, Lily has a variety of standard slewing bearings and slewing drives. If none of Lily’s standard solutions is suitable for your application, Lily’s engineers can help you develop a customized slewing drive according to your working conditions.