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Release time : 2020-12-04 15:29:57

In our daily life, we sometimes go to the dental hospital to wash our teeth, extract our teeth and so on. Do you know what is the name of the tool used in our teeth cleaning?


It’s called a dental handpieces. There is a core part in it: a small dental drill bearing, don’t you think it is small, its speed is amazing. Thanks to this small bearing, our teeth can be cleaned so clean.

Dental bearings are special bearings for dental dentists. The inner and outer rings of the dental drill bearing produced by our company are made of refined stainless steel (9Gr18); the ball is made of refined stainless steel (9Gr18) or non-metallic superhard ceramic (Si3N4) material, which has good wear resistance; the cage adopts high strength and low Abrasion resistance, self-lubricating polyimide or 80-120 phenolic cloth bakelite materials, dental drill bearings under 200-250Kpa air pressure, the speed can reach 350000-400000rPm. Under normal use conditions, the working life of dental drill bearings is more than 6 months.



The manufacturing precision of our high-speed dentist pecial bearings meets the P4 tolerance in the national standard GB/T307.1-94, and can be applied to different models of dentist cell phones all over the world. For example, NSK in Japan, W & H in Austria, Bein Air in Switzerland, Lares in Germany, KaVo in Germany, FARO, Beijing, Shanghai, Northwest Plant, Midwest, Adec, Yushida Yoshida, Siemens Siemens, Star and other brands of high-speed dental turbomachines. Below are some bearing part numbers of our dental bearings for you to choose.

Below is the website of our company’s dental bearings, available for everyone to check, welcome to order!

https://www.lily-bearing.com/ball-bearings/miniature-bearing/applicat ions/dental-bearings/


Precautions for the installation of dental drill bearings.

When the dental drill bearing is installed, the matching interference between the internal control of the bearing and the shaft is the best 0~2μm. The circular deviation of the shaft should be less than 2μm. The force that presses the shaft into the inner hole of the bearing should directly act on the inner ring of the miniature bearing, and not through the steel ball or the ring groove sleeve, so as not to damage the bearing accuracy. After installing a pair of bearings on the turbine, clean the turbine and bearings before putting them into the machine head, and then drip lubricating oil (the cleaning fluid cannot use acetone or ethanol). When installing the dental drill bearing into the handpiece, a certain axial preload (1~2N) should be applied to a pair of bearings to obtain ideal high-speed performance.