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Track Roller bearing-High load bearings solution

Release time : 2020-04-28 16:40:01

what is Track Roller bearing

Track Rollers is a bearing unit composed of machined thick-wall outer ring, needle rollers or cylindrical roller sets, or cage guidance or full complement needle roller, Inner ring or bolt and
seal. Featuring multiple compact structure , high rotating accuracy, large varieties, broad adaptability and easy installation, It can bear high radial load and certain shock load and is widely used in machine tool, metallurgical, textile and printing machinery processing lines and etc.

The bearing is a sealed structure, fully filled with grease to provide long-term effective lubrication, customers then do not need to add lubrication any more. For harsh working conditions can design grease channels add lubrication to improve bearing’s life. But improper methods will also cause the bearings heating up. Through effective lubrication can reduce wear and tear while the movement of parts, ensure the accuracy of the machine, and reduce the consumption. Lubrication is divided into thin oil lubrication, thick oil lubrication, etc.


Features of track roller bearings

can bear high radial load, far more than ball bearing and normal needle roller bearing

Thick outer ring can withstand high radial diameter while protecting the bearing from deformation and bending stress.

Long service life


Famous track roller bearing brands

In 1937, McGILL engineers invented the first needle bearing cam follower. Since that time, McGILL has maintained its leadership position through development of innovative solutions to
the problems faced by industry. McGILL offers a variety of problem solving cam followers, along with having the broadest line of standard cam followers in the industry.

The RBC Roller was developed for customers needing a high degree of assurance of long cam follower life. It can be used to great advantage in conveyors, automotive transfer lines or process industries-food, beverage, plastics, glass and others. The RBC Roller is also attractive for defense and aircraft applications, where system reliability and maintainability are primary design goals. The internal design and construction differ from typical needle bearing, ball bearing, and tapered roller bearing cam followers.


Reasons for choosing us

Lily bearing was founded on September 11, 2000, from the beginning, we have already had the goal, to develop the most difficult and high precision bearings that before only can purchase overseas, such as thin section bearing, slewing bearings and also the track roller bearings. After the hardworking from the past years, we can produce the thin section bearings, slewing bearings and now, we have already caught the full series of track roller bearings, RSTO, STO,RNA22-2RS, NA22-2RS, NATR, NATR-PP, NATV, NATV-PP, NUTR, PWTR, CYR, KR, KR-PP, KRE, KRE-PP,KRV, KRV-PP, KRVE, KRVE-PP, NUKR, NUKRE, PWKR, CF, CFE, CFH, CFHE. And we can make according to customers’ requirements, such as add high temperature or low temperature grease, reduce or lengthen the stud length, even change the material to stainless steel. Our products have a very good quality, which can replace imported products. Meanwhile we also have an excellent price and lead time.
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