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2009 China Top 500 Enterprises Disclosed And Wanxiang Group Was Listed

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:19:14
On Sept. 5th, the list of 2009 China Top 500 Enterprises was issued on the 2009 China Top Enterprises Release Conference & China Large Enterprises Leadership Summit. Wanxiang Group ranked the No.128 for its annual Chrome Steel Bearings income of CNY 45.5 billion. It is the 8th year to continuously hold this kind of conference for China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association. This conference was undertaken by Zhejiang Provincial People Government and Hangzhou People Government. Mr. Lu Guanqiu was present at the conference and seated at the chairman platform. Statistic data indicates that the strength of the China Top 500 Enterprises has been increasingly enhanced and has taken a great proportion in the national economy. The total income of the top 500 enterprises in China in 2009 is up to CNY 26,000, billion, which is 19.7% Thin Section Bearings more than that of last year. The minimum income of Top 500 enterprises broke through CNY 10 billion with an increase of 13.21%. In 2008, the economic situation was very severe at home and abroad. The global financial crisis heavily impacted the national economy and the development of enterprises. Under this condition, Wanxiang Group, neither cut jobs, nor reduced salary and welfare, which ensured the stability of employees and the company, achieved the Dental Bearings income of CNY 45.5 billion. The Director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Mr. Li Rongrong said that large enterprise is the backbone of the national economy, which play irreplaceable role in the development of economy and society. He hopes that the enterprises not only need to enlarge scales, but also need to enhance the strength. If the enterprise has strong strength but without large scale, it will not have much force, but it can not be go bankrupt; if it has large scale but without strength, it will go bankrupt sooner or later. On the conference, the China Top 500 Manufacturer, China Top 500 Service Enterprises, Zhejiang Top 100 Enterprises, Zhejiang Top 100 Manufacturers and Zhejiang Top 100 Service Enterprises were also released.