71944 CD/P4A

71944 CD/P4A Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Price $ 5469.77
Part Number 71944 CD/P4A
Brand: LILY Brand: LILY
Equivalent: SKF
System of Measurement Metric
Contact Angle 15°
Seal Type Open
Matched Arrangement No
Preload Not applicable
For Load Direction Angular Contact
Bore Dia 220 mm
Bore Dia Tolerance -0.012mm to 0
Outer Dia 300 mm
Outer Dia Tolerance -0.013mm to 0
Width 38 mm
Width Tolerance -0.24mm to 0
Ring Material Chrome Steel
Ball Material Chrome Steel
Cage Material Phenolic
Dynamic Radial Load 49725 lbf
Lubrication Lubricated
Max Speed (X1000 rpm) 6.3
Temperature Range -30° to 110 °C
Static Radial Load 67500 lbf
ABEC Rating P4 (ABEC-7)
Ball Dia 25.4 mm
Ball Qty 29
Weight 6.6 kg
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Design Features of 71944 CD/P4A Bearing

The design of 71944 CD/P4A Bearing is a culmination of advanced materials science, mechanical engineering, and precision manufacturing. 71944 CD/P4A bore dia is 220 mm. Its out dia is 300 mm. 71944 CD/P4A width is 38 mm. This super precision angular contact ball bearing is integral in high-speed spindles, precision instruments, and applications where accuracy and speed are critical.


What Benefits Can 71944 CD/P4A Bearing Provide?

  • High-Speed Capabilities: Optimized for high rotational speeds with minimal friction and heat generation.
  • Exceptional Precision: Manufactured to ultra-precise tolerances, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in operation.
  • Enhanced Rigidity and Stability: Offer superior axial and radial rigidity, maintaining stability under varying load conditions.
  • Advanced Material Use: Constructed from high-grade materials for durability, wear resistance, and performance at high speeds and temperatures.
  • Low Friction and Heat Dissipation: Designed to minimize internal friction, efficiently dissipating heat to prolong bearing life.


What Can 71944 CD/P4A Bearing Be Used for?

71944 CD/P4A Bearing is used in applications where high precision, speed, and reliability are paramount. Their typical uses include:

  • Machine Tool Spindles: Essential in CNC machines and precision grinders, where they ensure high-speed, accurate tool performance.
  • High-Speed Machinery: Used in equipment requiring high rotational speeds, such as drilling and milling machines.
  • Aerospace Components: Crucial in aerospace applications for gyroscopes, actuators, and jet engine components due to their precision and stability.
  • Medical Equipment: Employed in high-speed medical devices like dental drills and medical imaging equipment.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: Used in semiconductor production equipment where precision and speed are crucial for accurate wafer processing.