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Bearings For Medical Industry

LILY bearing is a leading supplier of precision bearings to the medical device market. Highly customized bearings are designed and manufactured to unique customer requirements, which emphasize the precise control of running torque and low noise level.

  • Low-torque, exacting precision, high speed, low-speed, and oscillation
  • Clean room assembly
  • Corrosion resistant steels
  • Ceramic balls
  • ABEC 5 & 7 precision grades

Bearing Solutions For The Medical Industry

Applications And Customers

Medical equipment may need quality bearing supplies to operate effectively, but not all devices and tools have the same requirements. LILY bearing supplies medical companies with different types of bearings to meet the needs of their healthcare applications. These applications include:

  • Medical Diagnostics Equipment
  • Luggage Security Scanners
  • Robotic Surgery Devices
  • Oncology treatment machines
  • Surgical Devices
  • Blood Analyzers
  • Blood Processors
  • CAT Scanners
  • Medication Dispensing Devices
  • Automated Physical Fitness
  • Imaging
  • Pharmaceutical Automation
  • Optical Equipment
  • Optical Gauging
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Dental Equipment