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China Bearing Industry Reorganizes Production in the Post COVID-19 Era

Release time : 2022-05-26 09:27:13     

When it comes to the Yangtze River Delta, you can't help but be surprised at its economic development. With only 4% of the country area, it has created 25% of the country's economic output. It has a lot of clear advantages such as the complete industrial chains, the efficient synergy, the clear division of labor, the adequacy of competition, the orderliness of its market as well as the convenience of the flow of production factors.

In terms of auto parts, Shanghai is the largest production base of auto parts in China. Nine of the world's headquarters of top ten part groups in China are located in Shanghai. A lot of local industry leaders are also located in Shanghai. Products of these companies cover all aspects of auto components such as auto interiors, auto intelligent energy-saving components, auto engines, mechanical and electrical equipment parts and new energy batteries etc. For car seats, if there are three seats in the national market, then there must be one which comes from Shanghai.

As far as Shanghai bearing industry concerned, it not only provides raw materials for famous enterprises, but also supplies key parts of bearings for some well-known bearing companies including China bearing suppliers. Whats more, it provides China bearing goods which are finished for some international auto companies, new energy industry and so on.

Unexpectedly, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 made the key enterprises in the industrial chain, especially China Bearing industry, face serious threats. The previous smooth manufacturing chain suddenly broke down due to the COVID-19. The breakpoints in turn affected the whole industrial chain. In terms of China bearing industry, on the one hand, the poor supply of raw materials led to the inability to continue production; on the other hand, the shipping channels of finished China bearing goods were seriously blocked, resulting in a large backlog of goods inventory. In this way, both the input of raw materials and the output of China bearing products were a blow to the head.

With the joint efforts of all Shanghai people, the current epidemic situation tends to slow down. Resumption of work and production is gradually on the agenda. At present, most key enterprises are gradually entering the stage of resumption of work and production. Some major auto companies, such as SAIC Motor Group, Tesla, were the first batch of companies to do resumption work. They have achieved the off-line of the whole vehicle, and the production capacity is gradually heating up. Meanwhile, a lot of enterprises in the "white list" are China bearing enterprises. As for key car producers, the lack of a bearing means that the whole car can not be produced. While the auto industry are in the resumption work, more and more major China bearing enterprises also gradually go into the work resumption.

Some big companies in China bearing industry, have been devoted to the resumption of work in a closed-loop production state in order to meet the bearing needs. They provide the automotive bearings such as wheel bearings, suspension bearings as well as engine bearings. Staff from these China bearing companies have retrograded to the plant and operated the bearing machine to have a good resumption. They did forging, capping, grinding as well as assembly. At present, the production capacity about these key China bearing companies has been restored to more than 80% due to the high resumption rate. Meanwhile, they tried to help more employees apply to join the resumption of work and production to further increase production capacity and help the recovery of the industry chain.

Besides, during the epidemic, there’s a good demand of much more adequate advanced medical equipment. Some China bearing suppliers have been trying to produce more bearings for medical industry in order to give a hand to the control of epidemic spreading. These China bearing companies also offered China customized bearings for the medical industry according to the working conditions of clients. Their bearing products emphasize the precise control of running torque and low noise level, which are specially important for medical equipment.

In addition to the key China bearing producers mentioned above, some other China bearing companies are also on the way to the resumption of work and production while implementing the anti-epidemic requirements. They are trying to coordinate with suppliers and logistics companies to ensure that raw materials can smoothly go to the factory and meet the needs of production. Among these China bearing companies, some have docked with their clients and suppliers in advance for goods demand and logistics channels to arrange production precisely; Some China bearing companies have created some new logistics channels. They are trying to adopt water transportation instead of land transportation to solve problems. This can keep the bearing transportation in a smooth way. Other China bearing companies have arranged professional staff to collect and organize production problems of enterprises, and also give professional guidance, coordination, and provide assistance to open up contact channels in order to realize the smooth resumption of work as soon as possible.

As the main part of mechanical products, a bearing has very important missions. Without the bearing, no machinery or equipment can be operated in a normal way. Likewise, the bearing industry also plays a crucial role. Without it, none of the other manufacturing industry can be in good condition. In the trend of the slowdown of the COVID-19, the China bearing industry has gradually been in the resuming of work and production, which can help the resumption of the whole manufacturing industry and the whole economic situation. The recovery or resumption of Shanghai's economic landscape is just around the corner.